A secret Israeli company helped hack a UK news site and used it to take over the devices of some people who visited the site, cyber researchers say.

Cybersecurity firm ESET said in a report on Tuesday that the company Candiru had helped an unknown foreign government hack the London news site Middle East Eye with a so-called watering hole attack. the malicious software placed on a website to infect and hack people’s computers who visit it.

The research is a rare glimpse into Candiru, which was blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce this month for “delivering spyware to overseas governments who have used this tool to target government officials, journalists, businesspeople, activists, academics and others Maliciously attacking embassy staff “.

Candiru is extremely low profile and has no public website or contact information and therefore could not be contacted for this article. But like many cyber arms dealers, Candiru sells hacking technology to governments with little …

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