Demand for Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series X console is high, but supply isn’t expected to last until at least June. In an interview with The New York TimesMike Spencer, head of investor relations at Microsoft, announced that shipments of his new Xbox consoles will be restricted until at least June.

Microsoft had warned that the Xbox Series X would be in short supply until at least April or beyondand it is now clear that the wait for stocks will be even longer. The difficult supply situation means Microsoft sold every Xbox device it had last quarter for a quarter Gaming revenue of $ 5 billion for the first time.

It was incredibly difficult to buy an Xbox Series X, PS5, or even the latest AMD and Nvidia GPUs in the last few months. These bottlenecks are likely to continue through most of 2021. AMD CEO Lisa Su warns that capacities may not be available until the second half of the year. “The industry needs to increase overall capacity levels,” Su said last week on a call for earnings. “So we see a certain tightness in the first half of the year, but there will be additional capacity in the second half of the year.” AMD saw delivery bottlenecks in the PC market, especially at the lower end of the range, and in gaming towards the end of 2020.

Part of the problem for retailers and consumers is also scalpers. The real cost of a new GPU or game console was unbelievably high towards the end of 2020Thanks to eBay resellers. It’s a problem that has proven difficult for the entire industry, and it means that the wait for a PS5, Xbox Series X, or a new GPU will last most of 2021 for most people.

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