According to Microsoft, Russian cyberespionage targets 42 Ukrainian allies


Simultaneously with relentless cyberattacks on Ukraine, state-backed Russian hackers have engaged in “strategic espionage” against governments, think tanks, corporations and aid groups in 42 countries that support Kyiv, Microsoft said in a report Wednesday.

“Since the war began, the Russian target (on Ukraine’s allies) has been successful 29 percent of the time,” Microsoft President Brad Smith wrote, with at least a quarter of successful network breaches involving data theft.

“As a coalition of countries banded together to defend Ukraine, Russian intelligence agencies have increased network penetration and espionage activities targeting allied governments outside of Ukraine,” Smith said.

Almost two-thirds of cyberespionage targets involved NATO members. The United States was the top target and Poland, the top channel for military aid flowing to Ukraine, was number 2. In the last two months, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Turkey…

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