Facebook said Wednesday that hackers based in China were using the social media platform as part of a campaign to hack and spy on Uyghur diasporas, the minority the country has been accused of setting up re-education camps.

The hackers used Facebook to identify, track and post malicious links to Uyghur activists, dissidents and journalists who live in the US, Australia, Canada and Turkey, among others.

Facebook has stopped directly accusing the Chinese government of sponsoring the campaign. “We can see the geographic allocation based on the activity, but we cannot prove who is behind the operation,” said the company’s head of cybersecurity policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, in a phone call with journalists.

However, Facebook said the hackers were part of the same operation that cybersecurity firm Volexity identified as a member of the Chinese government in 2019. It released research showing that the country’s hackers …

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