App tracking is currently not popular with iOS 14.5 users.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Apples iOS 14.5 To update means iPhone and iPad Apps Now you need to ask users for permission before you can track their movements online. According to a new analysis by Flurry Analytics Only 5% of daily US users with iOS 14.5 signed up so far.

Flurry Analytics, owned by Verizon Media, used in more than 1 million mobile apps used on 2 billion devices. It collects and updates data on the daily App Keeping track of opt-in rates considering the roughly 2.5 million per day Cell phone, mobile phone active users who have had the new operating system so far.

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Global opt-in rates are slightly higher, the study reported on Monday earlier Mashable said it is 13% on May 7th. Flurry has data on 5.3 million iOS 14.5 global users.

iOS 14.5 was launched in AprilThe most controversial change is liking companies Facebook gain Consent from users whether their activity should be tracked across apps and websites. Facebook will include one In-app message explaining why app tracking is being usedand also has pushed back against Apple’s update.

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