According to Amazon, Quantum is “the future of AWS system security”.


Amazon Web Services has announced a new Center for Quantum Networking that will join the ranks of the AWS Center for Quantum Computing and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab to research and develop new hardware and software to support quantum systems.

The company noted that the emerging quantum network will play a key role in the future of AWS and that it offers “intriguing use cases” that give it an edge over traditional networks.

The move follows last month’s announcement that AWS would join Q-NEXT, a quantum research center led by the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory.

According to AWS, quantum key distribution (QKD) in particular would be a major security advantage of quantum networks. It uses the principle of quantum entanglement to pair a series of messages sent in the form of photons, allowing the sender and receiver to each read an identical representation of a unique encryption key. Encrypted messages…

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