Con Zeritis, CEO of Industrie & Co, is moving to Accenture.

Mr. Coates said industry&Co, which has offices in Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore, had built a solid reputation for its ability to develop cloud-based software for large financial services companies in Australia and across Southeast Asia.

“They bring together a whole range of different skills, from strategy and design to rapid prototyping [application] Build customers and then help them [expand the application on a wider scale]. ”

In Australia, Accenture employs more than 1,000 professionals working on cloud-based infrastructure and engineering as part of Cloud First. This includes specialists in popular cloud-based services and application providers such as AWS, Microsoft and ServiceNow.

“We found that, on average, customers only moved about 20 percent of their operations to the cloud. And the big thing customers are trying to solve right now is how to move from 20 percent in the cloud …

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