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Tailwind dealer1 is a retail company looking to adopt Azure as part of their IT strategy. The IT team is familiar with deploying the on-site infrastructure and is currently exploring what to do to run the workloads on Azure. In this blog post, we’re going to walk you through Tailwind Traders’ experience running workloads on Azure Cloud adoption framework and Azure landing zones.

Start small and expand

Tailwind Traders has researched Azure landing zones and familiarized itself with the options available: Start small and expand, Corporate scale, and Partner landing zones.

Since Tailwind Traders are just starting their cloud adoption journey and want to learn and grow on this journey, they have decided to take advantage of the Start Small Zone and expand the landing zone. One thing Tailwind Traders has learned over the years is that IT is constantly changing and that the changes bring many benefits and innovations. They understand that their requirements and needs can change over the course of their journey and that new opportunities arise when cloud providers add new functions and products to their range. Tailwind traders have decided this is the landing zone they want to chase for a number of reasons. With the Start Small and Extended Landing Zones, Tailwind dealers can begin their cloud rollout at a low risk pace and build their security, governance and compliance policies over time. They also work on one central operating model This is small for the start and suitable for expanding the landing zone, since all decisions are made together and the individual teams within the IT department are not self-sufficient.

Provision of the landing zone

With the launch of small and extended landing zones and enterprise-scale landing zones, there are very similar considerations and features to deployment, but there are also some key differences.

With start small and expand you can use it Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates and Azure policy Create a CI / CD pipeline for subscriptions using Azure Blueprints.

Because the reference implementations are enterprise-scale, there are examples of CI / CD pipelines for GitHub and Azure DevOps to create management groups, Azure policies, and subscription resources.

When an organization like Tailwind Traders is just starting their cloud adoption journey and hasn’t looked at it yet Infrastructure as code (IaC), DevOps, or CI / CD delivery methods Changing your mindset and learning these new skills can be challenging. Some are embroiled in key decision-making points and their cloud adoption travel project can stall. If the start is small and the automation options expand, the team can become familiar with the platform and its features. As their skills and confidence increase, they can begin to delve into the IaC, DevOps, and CI / CD pipeline options.

Expansion and improvement of the landing zone

Any of the landing zone options can be improved and expanded by an organization. For tailwind traders and their approach to getting small and expanding, the future should start looking at the eight areas of design within the Design guidelines for the enterprise-scale cloud adoption framework to improve their design and understand the areas they need to consider.

For companies that have started long-term with corporate standards, self-sufficiency and operational excellence are built into the landing zone approach. Of course, as you continue your enterprise-scale cloud adoption journey, you will be advanced along the path of expansion and best practice.

The key to any project is to examine the options available, make decisions based on facts, and act on that research and understanding. Tailwind Traders looks forward to starting the small and extended landing zone into the cloud rollout and moving their organization and IT department forward.

Get started today

We’ll be exploring Tailwind Traders and their cloud adoption journey in future blog posts. However, if you want to learn more about the Cloud Adoption Framework and how it can speed up your cloud adoption journey, you can Azure Enablement Show is a great place to start. Plus, visit you Cloud adoption framework and Azure landing zones Documentation for more information.

1Tailwind Traders is a fictional company that we refer to in this blog post to illustrate how companies can leverage the Cloud Adoption Framework in real-world scenarios.


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