If there is money, there is interest.

Unfortunately, this interest is shared by everyone. Remember how moths are attracted to light, no matter how dazzling? Cryptocurrencies are all about money. After all, they should be alternatives to Fiat. If Bitcoin were legal tender – it’s located in El Salvador – it would have deserved its place in the top 15 in most countries. Bitcoin is now a trillion dollar giant. Governments cannot simply accept their importance or wish their presence away.

You may have done your groundwork by learning how cryptocurrencies work and realizing that the facilitation of networks, although implemented with privacy in mind, may not be as hacker-proof or privacy-compliant as you would like. That’s a good move. Privacy is inviolable in any civilized society. It’s a human right and you deserve that freedom no matter how tough things are.

The problem is that privacy and security are one thing, but regulation is another. Not all countries are open to …


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