Long before their company was founded, the founders of Tail balance knew what they wanted to achieve: to give developers small, trustworthy networks in which to work, with devices and applications of all users on that network that are accessible to one another and only to one another.

Which of course virtual private networks (VPNs) should also do. but VPN security issues showed up before the pandemic. Since then, the big leap in remote working triggered by lockdowns has only shown how vulnerable they can be.

Even enterprise-class VPNs are riddled with security issues. A Zscaler, in fact opinion poll of cybersecurity experts found that 93% of businesses are still using VPNs despite knowing that these services have become a target for cyber criminals.

As a result, two-thirds of companies are looking for alternatives to traditional VPNs for remote access. And with the growing VPN-related security risks, 72% are focused on adopting zero trust security practices.


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