A violation of Flexbooker’s online appointment service reveals data from 3.7 million users


A group of hackers is trading a database of stolen information from FlexBooker, a cloud-based appointment scheduling tool that contains sensitive customer data. According to BleepingComputer, the company suffered a security breach before the holidays and notified its customers of the attack in an email that revealed that its Amazon AWS servers had been compromised on December 23rd. It also admitted that its system data store was being accessed and downloaded.

According to information from Have I Been Pwned, 3.7 million accounts with email addresses, names, passwords, telephone numbers and, in some cases, credit card numbers have been compromised. BleepingComputer says a group called Uawrongteam appropriated the attack and shared links to archives containing the stolen data, which the group claimed also contained users’ drivers licenses, other IDs, password salts and hashed passwords. FlexBooker’s typical customers are people who need to be able to make appointments with customers quickly, …


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