Home Security A plan to divest Huawei from rural telecom companies is still close...

A plan to divest Huawei from rural telecom companies is still close at billions of dollars


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Welcome to Cybersecurity 202! Congratulations to Canada and Denmark, who peacefully ended their 49-year border dispute over a barren arctic island.

Under: A 2020 election denier is the GOP candidate to run the Nevada election, and the White House is warning of “serious” security concerns over a US company’s proposal to buy NSO hacking tools.

Protecting US wireless networks from potential Chinese espionage is expensive

The Biden administration and Congress are struggling to fulfill one of the key components of their program to protect US telecom systems from Chinese espionage – the removal of Huawei devices from rural wireless networks.

The big problem: A funding deficit of more than $3 billion.

The Federal Communications Commission is finalizing a $1.9 billion plan for the program, which will fund dozens of rural telecom companies to remove the Chinese tech giant’s components from their 4G wireless networks. The agency has its…

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