According to Android policeThere’s a new search function for Google Photos on the horizon. Google Photos recently started rolling out a new powerful version Video editor also. From now on, searching photos in Google Photos is easy. You type in what you are looking for and you will find it.

However, there aren’t many up-to-date search tools. Messages come over from Jane Manchun Wong Twitter shows that “Filter” is a work in progress available for Google Photos. There is a Filter button below the search bar.

In terms of filtering options, there are options for selfies, videos, and videos. When these filters are combined with your search terms, this can become more specific. You can search for a selfie of specific people like you, your friend, etc.

The new search function for Google Photos makes it easier to find photos

For anyone out there who is a Google Photos searcher, you know your search can get you precise. You can enter a specific search query and get the same results. However, those who are not that spicy may think that they can just look for one person and leave them at that.

You may not think about finding “Selfie of me and my wife in Puerto Rico”. As a result, Google might know this and the company might want to make it easier for everyone to find what they want. The new filters seem to make the powerful search features more user-friendly, which is good.

Of course, since this is a leak, it means there is no set schedule as to when this will officially be introduced. Hopefully it won’t be too long. These filters can really help. But hopefully the feature will be available to everyone. There are some tools that are only available to Google One users.

Some features exclusive to Google One However, user makes sense. Google One users pay to store it, so they get new features that are not available to users with free plans. However, as mentioned earlier, there is a new video editor available to everyone.

The new video editor gives you more control over how your videos look better. Users can correct color, sharpness, brightness, and more of the basics.

However, the new video editor does not allow you to combine clips into a longer movie. This would have been very helpful, but users can still make their clips look great.


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