“Our military is the target of increasing hacking attempts with increased intensity before and during Allied cooperation,” says In Jun-beom, a cybersecurity specialist at the South Korean army headquarters Gyeryongdae.

Although the majority of these attacks are minor offenses that can be easily detected and thwarted, cyber offensive skills have gained in importance. A litany of cyberattacks prompted the US and its allies to issue a joint statement highlighting China’s reckless cyber behavior as “a major threat to the economic and national security of the US and its allies”. The problem of cyber attacks for the military is becoming more acute and insidious.

An anonymous source from the South Korean Cyber ​​Operations Command notes the speed with which “weapons and troop support systems are being delivered with embedded software,” which exposes further vulnerabilities for cyber intruders. The military’s reliance on network software makes the aftermath of hacking even more …


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