A look at smart energy security measures


A vulnerability in just one IoT device puts the entire system at risk. Attackers can use a single device to access an organization’s data, which can lead to an infrastructure outage or lockdown.

This IoT security challenge is particularly pronounced for connected energy sources. Imagine a power grid that spans entire cities or oil refineries with hundreds of valves and sensors. If someone hijacks these systems and takes control of them, the consequences could be devastating. Despite all the talk about security by design, most IoT systems are far from such a model.

To fully address the security concerns associated with smart energy devices and power grids, administrators must understand the technology that underpins and connects these systems. They also need to know how to reduce the overall attack surface and potential vulnerabilities with smart meter security measures and network protection.

Devices for IoT energy infrastructure

The IoT technology stack has several layers:…

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