As your ally in the cloud is ours Azure blue Mission is to deliver well-designed products and services that enable you to solve challenges and invent next steps. Our ability to meet your business and innovation needs is due in part to our growth philosophy, which ranges from front-end user experiences to small details like graphics and icons.

One detail that is being updated today is the Azure “A” icon, which will be rolled out in Product Reviews and related websites in the coming weeks. The new Azure symbol represents the unity of Azure within the larger Microsoft family of product symbols. It’s part of Microsoft Fluid design system, carefully crafted to create icons that are familiar to what customers know and love, while also representing the agile future of our business.

The new icon of the Azure family of products

The constant evolution of the cloud industry – and your business needs – is inspiring. It drives us to deliver products and services that support your growth and adapt to your changing needs. Your feedback is invaluable in identifying and prioritizing updates. Please let us know what you would like to see on our website in the future Feedback forum.

Azure blue. Inventing with purpose.


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