The pandemic and the resulting migration to remote work have shown how important a digital transformation process is. The companies that did this appeared to be the companies that had the smoothest transition. Cloud computing played a critical role, giving employees the access they needed to do their jobs.

The downside was the lack of cybersecurity efforts. McKinsey research 70% of CISOs found their budgets to shrink in 2020, and while they’ll ask for more help in 2021, they expect their budgets to shrink regardless. At the same time Trend Micro reported Nearly a quarter of all companies were affected by seven or more cyberattacks in the past year, and 83% believe these attacks will be successful in the coming year. One of the most important areas of the IT infrastructure at risk is the cloud and therefore also the data in the cloud.

worry about Cloud computing security come when data becomes a more valuable asset. gardener reported that by 2020 90% of companies …

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