© Reuters. Cloud Computing in 2021: A Complete Investor Guide

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing industries and is expected to cross the trillion dollar mark in the next decade. The sector has corrected in recent weeks, although earnings momentum continues. 5 of the best stocks are Google (NASDAQ :), Microsoft (NASDAQ :), Salesforce.com (NYSE :), Adobe (NASDAQ 🙂 and Autodesk (NASDAQ :)). .According to gardener (NYSE :), the global cloud computing market will continue to grow at an annual rate of 17.5% over the next decade. Given its current size of $ 397 billion, that means it will be more than a trillion dollar industry in the next 5 years.

For investors, this type of growth and scale means there are many different investment opportunities:

  • The big companies that build the cloud infrastructure layer.
  • Companies are building their own cloud-based platforms. These platforms have their own ecosystem in terms of users and developers creating apps for them.

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