Earlier this week HyperX announced a range of new accessories including the Clutch Wireless Controller for Android devices. This is HyperX’s first controller for Android and a full-size controller. In addition, it is similar to an Xbox wireless controller. Makes that familiar feel to anyone who has used an Xbox controller over the past decade.

Interestingly, HyperX chose to go the route of a full-size controller as opposed to the style of something like that Razer Kishi. That gives your phone a Nintendo Switch-like design and feel. For this reason, your phone is attached to the controller with a fold-up clamp.

The advantage with this is that it works with essentially every current Android phone. While most devices use USB-C these days, some phones have offset the port instead of in the middle. Which excludes controllers like the Kishi.

The HyperX Clutch Controller for Android also works with a PC

Many controllers these days are cross-platform. The same goes for the HyperX Clutch. While it connects wirelessly to mobile devices, you can also use it with PC. Although it has to be wired.

You will also receive a USB-C to USB-A cable in the box. No more need to buy a cable if you want to use it with PC games. For wireless Android connections, you can connect it via bluetooth or via a 2.4 GHz receiver according to HyperX. A 2.4 GHz radio receiver should also enable work with the PC, but is not specifically mentioned by HyperX.

Everything you need is available on the buttons. Two joysticks, a D-pad, the Abxy buttons, four triggers, and the clamp is removable when you don’t need it.

HyperX plans to launch the controller this March for $ 50. Which is pretty reasonable considering you can get an Xbox controller for $ 60. That makes this a pretty good deal as it can be used with both PC and cell phone and you get the clamp.

It also has a battery life of up to 19 hours on a single charge. So it should take you all week if you play a few hours a day.

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