The IT and cybersecurity community raised alarms last month when researchers discovered vulnerabilities in Log4j, the ubiquitous Java logger used by a variety of technology products.

The tool has been patched and vendors are quick to deploy their own patches for products using the tool, but the situation isn’t getting much better as threat actors use the flaws to attack internet-connected systems and deploy ransomware, Microsoft warns in a new update .

The IT vendor said it observed earlier this month attacks exploiting vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 in internet-facing systems running VMWare Horizon, one of many VMWare products affected by the Log4j bugs .

See VMWare’s advisory for information on which components of Horizon are vulnerable.

Microsoft attributes the attacks to a China-based ransomware operator that uses NightSky ransomware to encrypt victim systems. This entity, which Microsoft is tracking as Dev-0401, has previously…

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