Amazon isn’t the only one. This trend can also be seen in the emergence of automated number plate reading systems for individual districts, the partnership between Google and ADT and the introduction of “intelligent” security cameras that offer the possibility of recording “events”, recognizing friendly faces and recognizing noises such as broken glass. As tech giants try to saturate every aspect of our lives, home security has become a $ 50 billion business in the United States alone.

In line with its surveillance expansion over the years, following a successful multi-year strategy, Amazons Ring has teamed up with more than 400 law enforcement agencies across the country to transform law enforcement into part-time doorbell sellers and to cement the term “porch pirate” in our dictionary. The giant then cynically tried to counter the obvious racial consequences in its own consumerist way. In 2020 the Ring Dashcam debuted with a Traffic Stop mode that allows …


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