Muting notifications can feel a little awkward: what if you miss something important? But almost everyone I’ve spoken to said something similar about this concern: the people who need to come to you know how to do it, be it via text message or phone. Your sanity and attention will thank you.

Celebrate the January digital purge. If you’re ambitious, read a page from my colleague Tate Ryan-Mosley, a digital rights and democracy reporter. She’s celebrating her fourth annual digital cleanup in January, where she’ll clean up every part of her digital life for four weeks: email, files, security, and the phone.

This is how it works:

In week 1, Tate is doing a “massive cleanup” of her email, unsubscribing from newsletters and other non-serving lists, and deleting massive amounts of email she will never read. She also spends a day contacting people who may have sent her an email and whom she has not yet replied to. The New Year is a great time to come alive …

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