Technology can make life better, but it can also reveal personal information and destroy your privacy. While you should be aware of the dangers of hackers, the very manufacturers who make your products are also collecting data.

Smart TVs make it easy to stream your favorite content without buying and setting up a streaming box. However, are they too intelligent for their own good? Tap or click here to find out.

While the technology has a bad rap for security and privacy, some devices are actually designed to improve both of them. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite technical security products that everyone should own.

1. Stop juicing juice with this data blocker

How much thought did you put into charging your phone? Plugging into an electrical outlet at home is one thing, but plugging into a public charging station to charge the battery is an entirely different situation.

Let’s say you join public outlets like those at an airport. Fraudsters can manipulate them to get data from your …

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