Raghu Raghuram’s Salary, History and Vision for VMware

VMware has selected its longtime technologist and cloud leader Raghu Raghuram as the new CEO Replaces former CEO Pat Gelsinger, who left this year to head Intel.

Raghuram has a tremendous amount of knowledge about VMware, both in terms of products and in terms of innovation and culture. Raghuram first joined the company in 2003, overseeing VMware ESX and vSphere, which would become VMware’s flagship company.

After talking to Raghuram This week, while reviewing VMware’s filings with the US Security and Exchange Commission, CRN learned some key things you should know that will shape the future of the $ 12 billion worth of virtualization and software superstar become.

Here are eight things you need to know about Raghuram, who he’s reporting to, his new CEO salary, and what the future holds for VMware …


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