8 benefits of DevSecOps automation


Organizations looking to incorporate rapid and scalable development, security, and operations philosophies into their DevSecOps strategy should not ignore automation or they will miss out on one of the greatest benefits the practice has to offer.

Here are eight reasons why DevSecOps automation should be a critical part of an organization’s overall framework.

1. Accelerate development, deployment, and recovery

DevSecOps is a management lifecycle approach that combines application planning, deployment, and monitoring approaches in a single framework. Part of the appeal of DevSecOps is that it can accelerate many steps in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and ensure continuous code integrations and updates are handled with the ever-increasing speed of business.

An automation framework can be built and run during the deployment phase of the SDLC process. Applications can be placed into a framework where security features are added, tested and automatically integrated into…

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