Hopefully it’s not a news flash, but if you use the internet regularly, a virtual private network could be the best security investment you can make. While your antivirus software protects against harmful malware, a good VPN masks your IP address, protecting you from trackers, bots, and almost every other threat on the internet.

The only question is, which one should I choose? And during Private internet access was already one of the top options thanks to its massive server infrastructure, a new membership package makes it an almost unbeatable choice. Like most VPNs, PIA uses a variety of secure remote servers to hide your IP address, but the difference is how extensive this global infrastructure is. With Private Internet Access, you can choose from more than 34,000 servers in 77 different countries. No matter where you are, you have access to world-class protection that won’t hold you back.

If you use private internet access, your data will be forwarded …

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