In a new article from eMazzanti Technologies, the NYC area’s cybersecurity expert reviews top cyberattacks in 2021 to highlight the cybersecurity lessons to request a more secure 2022

HOBOKEN, New Jersey, November 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A NYC area Cybersecurity expert In a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website, identifies seven lessons to be learned from a review of the prominent cyberattacks in 2021. The informative article initially claims that no one gets a free pass because businesses of all sizes are targets.

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The author then urges readers to quickly apply security patches and improve endpoint security. He cites the REvil attack as an example of the need to monitor providers. He also reports where backups allowed a video game developer not to pay the ransom in an attack.

“Hackers hit a variety of industries this year from computer manufacturers to insurance, schools and the NBA,” said Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies.

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Cyber ​​Attacks 2021 – 7 Lessons for a Safer 2022 “

Lesson 1: Nobody gets a free pass

“It would be difficult to describe the profile of a typical 2021 data breach victim. Big corporations like Volkswagen and Experian were hit. Even small, inconspicuous businesses suffered from the Microsoft Exchange and Kaseya Attacks. Ransomware has crippled manufacturers, municipalities, retailers, and more. “

Lesson 2: Applying Security Patches Quickly

“When hackers exploited vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Exchange server, they disrupted 60,000 companies and government agencies The United States. Microsoft was quick to release security patches. However, many organizations have delayed applying the patches. “

A wake-up call

Thinking about the high profile cyberattacks of the past year can be both motivation and blueprint for combating cybersecurity. And the Cybersecurity experts at eMazzanti Technologies have the know-how and tools that executives need to protect their data and networks.

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