7 cloud myths debunked | CIO

Myths can be fun and entertaining when they involve the exploits of ancient gods and heroes. The amusement stops quickly, however, when a myth hampers IT or enterprise success.

So it goes with the stubborn misconceptions that delay or prevent the adoption of potentially productive cloud services. “We are still in the early stages of the cloud revolution, but it’s far enough along to see the results early adopters achieve by moving to cloud computing,” says Bernard Golden, vice president of cloud strategy at bank holding company Capital One. “Failing to recognize the implications of this revolution poses dangers far beyond merely running IT a little less efficiently; it presents a mortal threat to companies that stick to the old ways of doing things in a digital age.”

Is your organization using the cloud to its full advantage? If not, here are 7 myths that may be holding it back.

1. Moving to the cloud automatically saves money

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