7 Cloud Migration Planning Mistakes to Avoid


Running a business without cloud support is a rarity these days. Still, companies seem to be making some common mistakes when formulating a cloud strategy. Here are some of them.

Turn your cloud strategy into a pure IT strategy

gardenernoted this week at its IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference that a successful cloud strategy requires the support of IT outsiders.

“Business and IT leaders should avoid the mistake of developing an IT-centric strategy and then ‘selling’ it to the rest of the business,” said Marco Meinardi, vice president analyst at Gartner, in a statement. “Business and IT should be equal partners when defining the cloud strategy.”

“Technology for technology’s sake is generally not a good idea,” added Gartner vice president analyst David Smith.

“Whenever you do something, you want to have a clear view of why you’re doing it, what the business reason is,” Smith said…

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