“6G isn’t just a digital revolution, it’s social” – VMware


Joe Baguley, Vice President & CTO, EMEA at VMware, has written an insightful commentary explaining how the advent of 6G technology will not only represent a new technological revolution, but also a societal revolution.

Technology has permeated every aspect of business for decades—sometimes overnight, as with smartphones, and others gradually. However, these changes are based on the evolution of existing systems and are designed to adapt practices.

As we begin life after the pandemic, we are witnessing a whole new shift that not only improves the tools and processes at our disposal, but completely reinvents them. It’s a widely accepted view that the pandemic has accelerated us, but this is not the time for businesses to take their foot off the gas. Indeed, now is the right moment to go further and faster, redefining global commerce in a way that reflects the connectivity of society and with…

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