A variety of providers share some tips and insights.

Companies continue to use cloud computing at record speeds. In a new report the Cloud Security Alliance Finds that more than half of organizations run 41% or more of their workloads in the public cloud. This equates to 25% of organizations doing the same thing in 2019.

This accelerated transition to such a digital transformation will of course continue to be driven forward the COVID-19 pandemic and trust on Home work. Cloud Security Alliance analysts say adoption will continue to grow. This also applies to the variety of production workloads and the use of different brands. On this latter point, the Cloud Security Alliance said 62% of the respondents in their study from March 2021: “Cloud security concerns, challenges, and incidentsHave multiple clouds. The most popular? It’s not a big shock: Amazon Web Servicesat 67%. Microsoft Azure is close behind AWS with 65% Google Cloud Platform remains in third placeat 37%.

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