White sandy beaches, warm sunshine and delicious food. Living in an exotic country like Thailand can help you achieve the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

However, as an expat (a person living and working in a foreign country) you need to be aware of the cyber threats you may face.

Phishing emails, data breaches, compromised passwords – there are few attacks expats in Thailand face. A quality VPN can help you create a safe and secure environment whenever you go online.

Below we share the top seven reasons why expats in Thailand need a solid VPN.

1. Secure public and private connections

Before proceeding, it is important to understand that cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. Research suggests that:

Expats usually work in cafes with public wifi connections that are not secure. You don’t know who set it up and who else has access to it. It means someone is spying on you or even trying to steal your data.

Working from home doesn’t mean…

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