Let’s put the scene in the limelight: a celebrity posts something controversial online. Then after receiving quite a setback, either in the form of trolling or a cancellation, this celebrity proclaims, “I’ve been hacked!”

Famous people are people too, and they sometimes say ridiculous things or make unsubstantiated claims. And sometimes these celebs really become victims of a hacking incident. However, their public humiliation gives the rest of us an opportunity to observe our internet conduct or develop safer browsing habits and avoid the humiliation they endure.

What do these famous people do when they have really been hacked and are most vulnerable? Sometimes they fight back. You can do it too. Let’s look at a few examples.

Phishing for billionaires

Well known rich guy Jeff Bezos has many friends in high positions. When he received a WhatsApp message in May 2018, apparently from the Saudi Crown Prince, he didn’t blink his eyes before hitting the …


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