The last year has been a challenge for many small and medium-sized industrial companies and companies. They had to deal with COVID, new guidelines for working from home, and bottlenecks and problems in the supply chain. With all this going on, did you have time to think about securing your website?

You may have read about various recent cyberattacks. Have you seen the headlines but aren’t concerned that your organization is too small for hackers to target? Correct? Not correct! Ignoring website security is the fastest way to become a hacker’s next victim. The security of the website is of vital importance no matter the size of your business.

Worryingly, nearly half (48 percent) of SMB managers think their organization is too small or unimportant for hackers to notice. The harsh reality is that every website is a destination. In Sectigos Website Security and Threat Status Report, January 2021 We learned that 50 percent of small and medium-sized businesses …

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