• Konstantine Bühler, partner at Sequoia Capital, believes that “the cloud will become AI”.
  • Bühler insists that AI is not “magic” and should be demystified and measured.
  • According to Bühler, companies can integrate AI “horizontally” into their processes.
  • This article is part of a series about cloud technology called At Cloud Speed.

If you ask Sequoia Capital partner and early-stage investor Konstantine Bühler about the role of artificial intelligence in cloud computing, his answer is clear: “Cloud is becoming AI,” he told Insider. “I mean, the entire cloud will be based on AI.”

Snowflake’s $ 3.4 billion initial public offering and DataBricks’ $ 1 billion funding round last year suggest great strides for AI in the cloud. The industry is valued at $ 40 billion and is growing. Important platforms …

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