5 security myths about Google Workspace for Education


The CDW Amplified™ for Education team can review your settings to ensure Google Workspace for Education is working optimally for your school. We can identify gaps in your institution’s admin console to identify security vulnerabilities and provide recommendations and best practices for improvements.

2. Google Vault backs up all data

Google Vault is a core service for Google Workspace for Education that allows users to store, archive, search, and export their Mail, Hangouts, and Drive data. It is not a copy or backup of this data; It searches for data in a university’s Google domain. Users with permission to access Vault can see users’ live data as well as recently deleted items such as emails and Drive files.

With Vault, it’s important to consider the lifecycle plan of users and adjust retention rules accordingly. Retention rules are used to proactively control how long data is retained and can either be set to expire after…

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