The internet is a hostile place. With the increase in annoying spam emails hiding malicious malware and hackers exploiting the private information of unsuspecting users, it makes sense that 74% of Americans are more concerned than ever about their privacy when browsing the Internet, according to a global survey.

One surefire way to counter this risk is through a virtual private network (VPN). By encrypting your online activities and keeping your identity anonymously, VPN services offer the best protection for both the general user and cybersecurity analysts.

This protection has caused the number of VPNs to grow exponentially. In 2016, the VPN market was valued at around $ 15 billion, which quickly grew to a $ 30 billion industry in 2020. as specified by Exidio CEO Dan Edlebeck. VPNs are clearly becoming essential. What is not so clear is the many ways we are misusing it.

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According to statistics from The best VPN in 2020 50% of VPN users only use a private network to get access …

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