In late 2003, EMC Corp. announced to buy VMware Inc. for $ 635 million. Earlier this month, Dell Technologies Inc., which EMC bought in 2016, sold its 81 percent stake in VMware, whose market cap had since grown to over $ 63 billion. Even according to the high success standards of Silicon Valley, this means a considerable increase in value.

VMware’s rise to corporate success was achieved through constant further development of investments and partnerships for data center, cloud and edge. The company’s presentations and releases during last month’s VMworld event provided a glimpse of several key developments that will take place over the coming year.

TheCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s live streaming studio, covered the VMworld 2021 event in detail and included interviews with business executives, end users and technologists who analyzed the latest VMware announcements.

Here are five insights you may have missed from theCUBE’s extensive VMworld coverage. (* …


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