5 best practices when implementing a container strategy


Software developers need to be vigilant about the use of hardware resources. Dedicated hardware is often expensive to purchase, operate and maintain – and there is only limited space in a data center for additional servers.

The ability to run multiple virtual machines on one piece of hardware makes virtualization a good option. However, each virtual machine must contain its own guest operating system and everything that goes with it. That eats up system resources. Nowadays, using virtualization is like using stock music if you could use a full orchestra. When it comes to scalability, consistency, and efficiency, there’s a better way: consider implementing a container strategy.

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What is a container?

Containers are similar to virtual machines. A container can be used to run anything from a small microservice or software process to a larger application. Containers contain all the necessary code, libraries, executables, and configuration files. You can imagine it as if you…


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