Cloud computing has been booming since the 2010s. Companies have taken over and migrated operations to the cloud to gain a competitive advantage. The pandemic played a huge role in fueling cloud adoption over the past year as the trend towards remote working forced companies to relocate computing power. This helped companies distribute models over the Internet and made it easier for employees to work from home.

Despite the robust growth in cloud computing, only 33% of the workload is using cloud technology, according to Dan Ives, Wedbush’s senior technology analyst. However, Ives predicts that cloud technology usage could reach 55% by 2022. And why not? Cloud computing services offer flexible costs, scalability and efficiency. This has attracted companies that were previously reluctant to transition to digital.

Via Gartner Forecasts, Global end-user spending on public cloud services is projected to grow 23.1% this year to a total of $ 332.3 billion, from $ 270 …


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