For the past decade, when all the talk for 2020 was about the 5G Revolution, IoT, distributed ledger technologies and Quantum computingNobody could have imagined the turmoil ahead or the important role the cloud would play in making the transition to digital work a little less bumpy. And its importance will only increase in the years to come.

gardener forecasts a 19% increase in global public cloud revenue from $ 258 million in 2020 to $ 307 million by 2021. Despite the flexibility, scalability, accessibility and security of the cloud, there have been challenges in adopting a cloud-based way of working . We spoke to experts who said 2021 will be a year to tackle those barriers – employees unfamiliar with cloud tools, applications not optimized for the cloud, and remote security . You foresee four trends in particular.

1. The sky is the limit with clouds

During 2020, companies …

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