Security teams and cyber criminals have reached a dead end where innovations are happening at breakneck speed and new risks are emerging just as quickly.

Security teams are feeling the pressure and many existing tools and processes just don’t hold up. Add to this staffing bottlenecks and the time it takes to manually investigate vulnerabilities, and the problem of securing the modern enterprise becomes exponentially more difficult.

It is time for companies to look for an alternative route. Organizations can use automation to remove security bottlenecks that prevent development teams from innovating more effectively, efficiently, and securely.

Tame false positives and reduce manual labor

False positives are a problem for most companies. A recent survey found that 45% of warnings are false positives. This means that larger companies, on average, almost 10,000 hours Review of unreliable vulnerability reports annually that can cost organizations up to $ 500,000 annually.

Automatic confirmation of …

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