3 top tech stocks under $ 20 per share


Some tech stocks can be hard to afford on a budget unless you know how to buy fractions of stocks. In other corners of the proverbial Silicon Valley, you can get a single share of great tech stocks for less than a Lincoln. Since the share prices ultimately depend on the number of shares issued; There is no reason to stay away from cheap tickers. You can actually find some incredibly high quality companies here, and it’s easy to get started in a job.

Read on to see how LG display (NYSE: LPL), Extreme networks (NASDAQ: EXTR), and A10 networks (NYSE: ATES) Combine fantastic tech companies with stock prices well below $ 20.

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1. LG Display: $ 10.70 per share

This manufacturer of LCD and OLED panels (organic light emitting diodes) lives and dies with the consumer electronics market. LG displays can be found in everything from smartphones and tablet computers to big screen televisions and notebook screens …

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