To the Cryptocurrency Investors who think long-term, Incr (CRYPTO: ANKR) can be one of the best crypto games out there right now. As a rising force in decentralized finance (DeFi), Ankr has made some serious gains lately. In fact, ANKR is up about 40% in the last month.

Ankr has a lot to offer investors. This blockchain network enables cloud computing providers to offer underutilized resources to users who need a cloud infrastructure. Cloud computing providers are rewarded in ANKR tokens as compensation.

Additionally, there are other great benefits that users get on the Ankr network. Let’s examine why this is a top cryptocurrency on my watchlist right now.

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1. Ankr changes the game

The cloud computing world is relatively well defined and only a handful of big players dominate the market. With such an oligopolistic structure, the pricing power lies mainly with cloud computing providers …

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