Washington’s tech industry was not immune to the pandemic. Companies like IT giant DXC and event organizing platform Cvent have cut jobs in the wake of the slowdown. However, some, including the hot cloud computing company Appian, have signed up to hundreds of new hires.

In fact, a lot of other good business news came from Washington’s Tech Titans last year. Our 2021 winners, selected through both reporting and an informal nomination process from their peers, have been able to create new and innovative businesses, complete large rounds of funding, land massive deals and announce IPOs.

Some of this year’s Tech Titans have expanded their businesses not only despite, but also because of the pandemic. Michael Chasen, founder of “Edtech” company Blackboard, took advantage of the demand for home education to start Class, a company that uses Zoom to create virtual classrooms. Class has already raised more than $ 40 million. Blake Hall, founder of …

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