The 20th anniversary edition warehouse Magazine and SearchStorage Products of the Year competition looks very different from its inaugural year. For example, the current categories of cloud storage and hyper-converged solutions didn’t exist in 2002, and ransomware protection didn’t make the headlines.

What hasn’t changed is the aim of the competition – to recognize excellent enterprise data storage products and to help IT professionals make wise choices among the plethora of offerings on the market.

Across the five categories of this year’s finalists, several trends stand out, including protection against cyberattacks in backup products, a focus on cloud and its widespread integration, and support for emerging technologies such as containers.

A group of industry analysts, consultants and TechTarget editors the list is slimmed down from approximately 80 participants to the 39 finalists listed below.

This year’s five categories are: Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) Hardware,…

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