Diversity is a hot topic in the tech industry – and since it is discussed a lot, it can be easy to feel like things have already changed. But according to a current one Women in technology According to IDC, only 42% of women think their employer offers the same pay, compared to 75% of men who feel the same way.

In addition, 56% of women believe that women are underrepresented in STEM areas in their organization, compared with 26% of men. Women also believe that their job is more geared towards men (45%), that women are not adequately supported in MINT (33%) and that family time off has an impact on their career opportunities (35%).

Whether you already have a strong network of female colleagues in your industry or want to expand your community, there are a number of conferences for women in STEM areas. And most of these aren’t just for women – they’re open to allies and all, the diversity and inclusion in …

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