Cybersecurity is more important than ever, especially in a world already affected by supply disruptions and bottlenecks due to the coronavirus pandemic. The latest major ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline Co. is an eye opener as it resulted in the shutdown of the 5,500 mile Colonial Pipeline system and could drive gasoline prices up.

Beyond COVID-19, we are all at risk of losing the security of personal information as hackers keep finding new ways to take advantage of networks, software, and the multitude of evolving technology services.

Below is a screen of 20 cybersecurity companies Wall Street analysts estimate for big gains in the stock markets over the next year.

Cybersecurity ETFs

Many information technology companies offer various services, which may or may not include software or hardware to improve network security. There isn’t an obvious industry group for a wide stock screen.

To search for a list of preferred cybersecurity / network …


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