2 reasons to buy Amazon stock now


tech giant Amazon (AMZN -2.49%) has made a lot of headlines in recent months thanks to its just completed stock split. While this move has garnered a lot of attention, stock splits don’t fundamentally change a company’s value.

True, individual Amazon shares are now more affordable, especially for those who don’t have access to trading platforms that offer fractional shares. But does the cheaper price alone make Amazon a buy? Let’s take a closer look and examine two reasons the company should be considered, aside from its recent stock split.

Diversified activities indicate general dominance

Amazon is perhaps best known for its e-commerce business. The company’s website remains one of the most visited in the world. But Amazon’s activities extend far beyond e-commerce. The tech giant is involved in many other industries. Amazon Music is a popular audio streaming platform and Prime Video is a big player in video streaming. It also owns Whole…


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