2 Ecommerce Stocks You Think Are Lower Now Than They Were 2 Years Ago


It’s no secret that many large stocks have fallen well short of their highs. But what is even stranger is to see Amazon (AMZN 5.73%) and Shopify’s (BUSINESS 13.85%) Stock prices lower today than two years ago. Remember that mid-May 2020 was two years ago – a time when the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic was still largely unknown, unemployment was raging and government support had yet to materialize.

That’s why these two growth stocks might be worth considering now, despite their recent price declines.

AMZN percent from all-time high data from YCharts

The case for Amazon

Despite Amazon being one of the most influential and powerful companies in the world, Amazon stock is down nearly 12% today from two years ago and over 42% below its all-time high.

Amazon faces slower growth, choppy cash flow, and questionable profitability as it stays true to its old strategy of reinvesting as much as possible in its business. The strategy is…

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